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Porter, Delegate, Jonathan Porter, District 11, Maryland, Election 2018

Before each state-wide election, the League of Women Voters of Maryland surveys candidates about their positions on various topics and publishes a Voters' Guide to keep you informed. See what Jonathan Porter said…


Qualifications: As adjunct faculty at Loyola University, where I teach Marketing; a project management consultant on projects at Medicare and the NSA; a volunteer at an anti-human trafficking organization; and an Eagle Scout, I believe that the variety of my experiences help me find common sense solutions to every challenge. I am also the ONLY candidate for Delegate in District 11 that supports Governor Hogan.

Redistricting: Voters should be the ones choosing their representatives, not politicians choosing their voters. That is why we need to implement a non-partisan panel to draw our state and federal districts. I fully support Governor Hogan’s redistricting reform bills and efforts.

Environment: As a recreational sailor, I want to see the Chesapeake Bay cared for and protected. I applaud Gov. Hogan for standing up for the Chesapeake by defending multi-jurisdictional efforts to protect the Bay and its watershed. Conservation and the protection of green space are critical. We must work to find common ground on the right mix of environmental and economic safeguards.

Discrimination: It’s infuriating that this is still a topic in the 21st century. Everyone should have a safe community to live in. Every child should have a world-class education. Everyone should have the opportunity to advance themselves. Gov. Hogan has helped us move toward achieving these goals. But each one of us must work together to communicate, build relationships, and truly change the culture.

Education: As an educator, I support Governor Hogan’s call for an Education Inspector General.  Accountability and transparency in Baltimore County’s schools are essential. An independent audit will help develop a long-term plan for school construction, maintenance, and management. If administration is more effective, we can deliver better value and a better education to students.

Healthcare: Gov. Hogan has spearheaded the bipartisan effort to protect Maryland’s unique Medicare waiver. This program incentivizes hospitals, nursing homes, and primary care providers to increase quality while better managing costs. I support these efforts, and will pursue opportunities to find sustainable solutions for all Marylanders. We can’t let an expensive bureaucracy jeopardize people’s healthcare.

Transportation: Economic growth, job creation, and quality of life are all facilitated by safe and reliable infrastructure. I support Gov. Hogan’s Traffic Relief Plan, and continued investment and exploration of improved mass transit solutions.

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Porter for Delegate